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حرية التعبير ..حق للإنسان تكفله كل المواثيق والشرائع الدولية…هذا الحق على الرغم من أهميته فإنه لن يكون أداة للتقدم إلا اذا تعاملنا معه بمسؤولية….حرية التعبير مسؤولية…معاً كي نرفع الصوت بمسؤولية من أجل سوريا

Syria Used Chemical Weapons 3 Times in One Week, Watchdog Says

An investigative team from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons accused the Syrian government of launching three chemical attacks on one village in 2017. By Ben Hubbard BEIRUT, Lebanon — An investigative team with the international group that monitors compliance with the chemical weapons ban accused the Syrian government on Wednesday of having launched […]

OPCW Releases First Report by Investigation and Identification Team

IIT concludes units of the Syrian Arab Air Force used chemical weapons in Ltamenah, Syria in March 2017 “At approx 6:00 on 24 March 2017, an Su-22 military airplane belonging to the 50th Brigade of the 22nd Air Division of the Syrian Arab Air Force, departing from Shayrat airbase, dropped an M4000 aerial bomb containing […]

Chemical weapons

Seven years have passed since the first public accusation by the Syrian Opposition accusing the Syrian regime of using internationally prohibited Chemical weapons. Thousands of photos and videos showed the suffocation of children, women, and elderly. However, the Syrian Regime and its allies have always denied using the chemical weapons, rather accusing the Syrian Opposition […]