How to Avoid Rumors at Times of Natural Disasters and Obtain Correct Information

Natural disasters are a fertile environment for spreading rumors that exacerbate the rapid response operations of rescue teams and increase panic among the public.
Social media contributes to the exaggeration of the situation and spreading of misleading information, especially in times of disasters, thus increasing panic and fear among people which leads to the occurrence of injuries due to incorrect information spread by some fools on social media in order to collect views and likes.
Rumors become more intense, especially after they spread and when the internet and electricity are cut off, therefore, it is necessary to resort to official sources of information to investigate the truth, such as keeping a radio that works on the battery which can be used to listen to official radio channels.
Relying on the sources of information provided by the authorities in the affected regions and avoiding promoting unverified information.
Ensuring that the news is complete and not fragmented.