Strategic Goals

Justice and gender equality and women empowerment. Political empowerment for youth and public participation.
Providing Justice to all victims. Ensuring the accountability of perpetrators of crimes and violations and ensuring that they do not have impunity.
Restructuring the legal institutions. Developing the judiciary system and ensuring its independence.
Boosting citizenship’s values in Syria. Promoting respect for the rule of law.
Spreading legal knowledge in Syrian society. Providing legal help for the Syrians inside or outside of Syria.

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    Lawyer: the team includes 230 lawyers spread inside and outside Syria. Human Rights Activists: the team includes 200 human rights activists who, through the years of work, have been academically trained and qualified to work on the main programs supervised by the FSLA. Media Professionals: A group of media professionals in all the Syrian territories who work on the media productions of the FSLA, in addition to participating in all events and advocacy operations. Administrative employees of 40 persons. Specialized investigators concerning war crimes cases, crimes against humanity, and violations, there are: Seven International investigators. national investigators data analyzers data collectors. FSLA lawyers are distributed in 9 geographical areas in Syria, regional countries, and Europe. 4 arbitration teams, including 40 specialized arbitrators in northwest/eastern Syria, in addition to a group of volunteers. Specialized team in women empowerment providing legal services to women/girl community whether they are residents or IDP and women building capacity in advocacy and media presence. Social workers. Local experts and international trainers in Legal, Media, peacebuilding, conflict resolution.


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